Rainbow Dinner

Running Dinner for rainbow people!

One evening. Three meals in three real homes.
One travel buddy. 18 new rainbow people and an afterparty.

Here, 6 out of 10 find someone with whom they keep in touch afterwards. Meeting new rainbow people has never been easier than this...

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As a guest you will either be matched with a host (hosting one of the three meals of the evening) or with another guest.
249,00 kr.
On Sale
You will host one meal for 8 rainbow people (incl. you and your travel buddy) for about 1.5 hours.
249,00 kr. 149,00 kr.
On Sale
Couple (NB. You will host one meal)
As a couple you will host one of the three meals of the evening - and you will travel together the entire evening.
498,00 kr. 398,00 kr.

Meet 18 new rainbow people in one evening!
Hook-ups and gay bars are fun, but nothing beats a good, fun and interesting conversation. At Rainbow Dinner, we create a safe space for rainbow people to meet and have good, fun and exciting conversations and experiences with each other. For therein lies the source of both friendship, community and love.

How Rainbow Dinner works...
Participants at Rainbow Dinner will be matched with a travel buddy for the evening. Each couple is responsible for preparing one of the three meals of the evening. Each meal is enjoyed with three other (new) couples in a new rainbow home.

The programme of the evening is:
18.00 Appetizer | 20.00 Main course | 22.00 Dessert | 00.00 Afterparty

Sign up as a host, guest or as a couple
Almost every travel couple is made up of a host and a guest. Together, you'll be responsible for one of the three meals of the evening. The only difference between hosts and guests is that hosts provide a location (their home) for one of the meals. Those who sign up as a couple have each other as travel buddies - and will host one meal together.

In addition to the sign-up-fee, you and your travel buddy will sponsor the meal you serve (others will sponsor the other meals), any transportation between the meals, your own drinks during the evening (which you bring along with you) and any drinks you may buy at the afterparty.

Read more about how Rainbow Dinner works here.

Sold out? No worries - join the waiting list...
If there are no more available tickets for a Rainbow Dinner event, sign up for the waiting list instead. There are always some last-minute cancellations, so there is good opportunity to join if you signed up for the waiting list. Even if we aren't able to find you a spot for the dinner event - you are garanteed a ticket to the afterparty. You can join the waiting list here. We gradually open up for more tickets as they become available.

Read more about joining the waiting list here.

>> Read all about the event here!

All upcoming Rainbow Dinner events

22 June 2024
22. June - 23. June
149,00kr. – 398,00kr.
07 September 2024
7. September - 8. September
149,00kr. – 398,00kr.

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