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Rainbow Dinner, Saturday, February 11th 2023

11. February 2023 | 18:00 - 12. February 2023 | 2:00

149,00kr. – 398,00kr.
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Meet 18 new rainbow people in one evening!
We believe that the relaxed and open-minded meeting between rainbow people is the foundation of true magic. Hook-ups and gay bars are fun, but nothing beats a good, fun and interesting conversation. At Rainbow Dinner, we create a safe space for rainbow people to meet and have fun and exciting conversations and experiences with each other. Here, openness, tolerance, conversation, festivity and community are at the center of what we do. For therein lies the source of both friendship and love.


Sign up as a host, guest or as a couple
Rainbow Dinner is totally dependent on hosts. The whole concept is about you meeting privately with other rainbow people and eating a meal with each other. Hence, without hosts there's no Rainbow Dinner event.

As a host you open your home to eight rainbow people for one meal (appetizer, main course or dessert). The participants will be you, your travel buddy and three other couples who visit you for approx. 1.5 hours. It does not require much to be a host - eight chairs, a table (or two) as well as plates, glasses and cutlery for eight people will do. No one expects you to live in a mansion or serve the meal on plates from Royal Copenhagen. Rainbow Dinner is about community and friendship - not about showcasing luxury homes. Watch this short video about what it means to be a host (in Danish).

If you sign up as a guest for Rainbow Dinner, you get a travel buddy (likely someone who signed up as a host) and you are given the task of preparing and serving one of the three meals of the evening with that person. If neither you nor your travel buddy signed up as a host, you will be tasked with helping a host couple with the main course.

If you sign up as a couple for Rainbow Dinner, you will travel together for the three meals of the evening. We do not match you with anyone else. You will be given the task of hosting (this is a requirement if you sign up as a couple) one of the three meals of the evening - and must of course prepare it, just like everyone else. If you are tasked with serving the main course, we will assign another travel couple to help you out with this meal.


Sold out? No worries - join the waiting list...
If there are no more available tickets for a Rainbow Dinner event, sign up for the waiting list instead. There are always some last-minute cancellations, so there is good opportunity to join if you signed up for the waiting list. You can join the waiting list here. If you are on the waiting list and we open for more capacity - we will automatically transfer your ticket, thus ensuring your participation.

Read more about joining the waiting list here.


Your travel buddy
We will match you with a travel buddy for the evening (unless you sign-up as a couple). Together, you will be responsible for either the appetizer, the main course or the dessert - and you "travel" together for the three meals of the evening. We try our best to match travel buddies according to what is possible. We try to match by age, sexuality, gender identity and according to what gender you prefer. We will ask you these questions when you sign-up. Of course, we can't guarantee the "perfect match" (we do not know all the participants that well). Instead, try to receive your travel buddy with open arms - and remember that you (in addition to your travel buddy) will meet 18 other rainbow people during the evening.

Read more about "you and your travel buddy" in these pieces of advice about participating in Rainbow Dinner events.


How Rainbow Dinner works...
Participants at the Rainbow Dinner events will be matched with a travel buddy for the evening. Each couple is responsible for preparing one of the three meals to be enjoyed during the evening. Each meal is enjoyed in a new home - with some other (new) participants at Rainbow Dinner. One couple prepares the appetizer, two couples prepare the main course and one couple prepare the dessert.

On the Thursday prior to the Rainbow Dinner event, you will receive an email (itinerary) containing information about who your travel buddy is and how to get in touch and what your fellow task will be (one of the meals). You also get to know what you and your travel buddy's programme look like for the evening - where you should be for the appetizer, the main course and the dessert as well as the location for the afterparty.

Contact your travel buddy and agree on how you will approach your common task (the meal you're tasked with preparing), where and when you meet and how you willl arrange shopping for the meal you're preparing. Also, remember that it's a good idea to align expectations in advance, such as your approach to transportation between the meals (bicycle, taxi, public transport, etc.).

After the three meals of the evening, everyone gathers for an afterparty, where you can reconnect with those you've already met as well as all the other Rainbow Dinner participants that you haven't met yet.

Read more about how Rainbow Dinner works here.


The programme of the evening is

18.00 Appetizer

20.00 Main course

22.00 Dessert

00.00 Afterparty


Each meal will last (in effect) about 1.5 hours, since everyone has to move on to the next meal in different locations. The transportation between the meals is typically done by taxi, public transportation (S-train, metro, bus) or by bicycle, depending on how you and your travel buddy feel about doing it.


Expenses connected to Rainbow Dinner
Organising Rainbow Dinner is neither free nor straightforward. Thus, your sign-up fee covers the work behind the scenes to ensure you have the best conditions for an amazing evening - including couple composition, route planning and all the communication surrounding the evening's programme (in addition to running Rainbow Dinner).

In addition to the sign-up-fee, you and your travel buddy will sponsor the meal you serve (others will sponsor the other meals), any transportation between the meals, your own drinks during the evening (which you bring along with you) and any drinks you may buy at the afterparty.


Afterparty 🥳
During the three meals of the evening, you and your travel buddy will meet 18 other rainbow people. Perhaps, there was someone for the main course that you would like to talk to again? In addition to the three meals you enjoyed, there are many more rainbow people who have also been to Rainbow Dinner meals in parallel with you, but whom you haven't met yet. Therefore, we try to gather everyone for an afterparty after the three meals of the evening. Depending on how many people signed up for the Rainbow Dinner event, the composure of the afterparty may vary. Maybe we just recommend that everyone go to the same place where there are also guests who have not been to the Rainbow Dinner. Perhaps we have made sure to reserve a location that you and all other participants have for yourself. We prefer the latter, but can't guarantee it in advance.


Join us and meet other interesting rainbow people!
It may sound a little overwhelming to join a Rainbow Dinner event. It's actually not that scary at all - and the other participants are usually also a little on edge about it all. We promise you a fun, interesting and unforgettable evening where you will meet a lot of rainbow people. Sign up now.


Have fun in Rainbowland 🦄🌈✨


NB. If you have any questions you're always welcome to contact us at info@rainbowdinner.dk.


11. February 2023 | 18:00
12. February 2023 | 2:00
149,00kr. – 398,00kr.
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Rainbow Dinner
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